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Lo spazio biancoLo Spazio Bianco – “the White Space” – is dedicated to the 10% of babies who are born prematurely, to their families, and to the people who put their heart and soul into caring for them.

After years working closely with the TIN centres (Terapia Intensiva Neonatale i.e. “Intensive Neonatal Therapy”) in Cesena and Rimini we have come to consider the people who work there as dear friends.

We have been inspired to share this wonderful experience with the wider public, in the hope that, in turn, it can inspire somebody else, to offer some sort of help, or even just be there when it really matters: be there for the wonderful people who dedicate so much as they work in the centres; be there for the frightened parents who don’t know where else to turn; but most of all, be there for the small but big-hearted heroes who are brought to TIN for care.
For us, being there has meant designing and developing a small collection of garments tailored especially for premature babies.

Thanks to the precious guidance of Francesca Fiuzzi, senior nurse at TIN Cesena, we have designed garments with special features that make it easier to feed in tubes, apply sensors, and deliver medication without disturbing the child.

We have opted for bright, friendly colours, for a happier, more stimulating environment, and quality materials that are gentle on the babies’ nearly transparent skin, providing them with a first, tangible barrier, and allowing some positive aesthetic energy to flood into the ward.

The joy is contagious: when parents see their child for the first time, the right baby wear can make all the difference. It is a sign that everything is going to be OK.

The babies are discharged when they reach a weight of 1.7 kg.

They are still small but, health permitting, it is best to let them be with their family: they receive more stimulation, they hear everyday sounds and, day by day, they perceive more and more of their environment.

Many parents have asked us to make clothes that their babies can wear when they get home and we have been more than happy to oblige, with garments in sizes 00 (1.7-2.2 kg) and 0 (2.3-3 kg).

Witnessing the strength and determination of a premature baby, as they fight for life with every breath, is a life-changing experience.

We will soon have them up online, so you will be able to find them quickly and easily.

Of course, as the seasons pass, we will continue to bring our clothes to the tiny patients at the TIN. We will also be working with the parents’ associations Crescere a piccoli passi (TIN Cesena) and La Prima Coccola (TIN Rimini) to organise events and seminars.

What’s more, 5% of proceeds from every garment sold online will go to these two organisations.
We want to be there.

Shop online coming soon…

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